Thanks to Britt Arnesen for making the debut recording of this song happen. Blessings on everyone who has served on the frontlines of the pandemic, this is dedicated to you. I hope others enjoy this song too, that its gratitude may offer hope and comfort. May it serve as a contribution to our collective memory.

Watch all five songs from the 7/4/21 pilot episode of Transist: Amplify Peace, a video podcast based in Vermont. The podcast highlights peace work and activism through art and music. In the full podcast at the link, the hosts discuss the content in between each of the songs. Listen to the full episode here

Full Set from Transist: Amplify Peace July 4, 2021

Back of the Line is an homage to everyone who has been unjustly told to get to the back of the line, and then told again to fall in line — and whose courageous perseverance against indignities has continued across decades and generations.

Update: The new recording of “Back of the Line” debuted on the very same radio program which inspired it many years ago. Follow this link to hear the March 18, 2021 episode of the Bradcast — hosted by Brad Friedman and produced by Desi Doyen, based at KPFK in Los Angeles and broadcasting five days a week through dozens of affiliates. Listen around the 42 minute mark for their kind introduction and the song’s broadcast debut. Visit their website at for timeless reporting on the issues which matter most.

Here’s a mostly instrumental video clip of Broke Down Inside from the opening day of Finnriver Orchard in the heart of Chimacum, WA on Sept 9, 2015. Chris Herbst played dobro and sang, Danny Barnes played bass.

The same song, recorded en casa at dawn on a vintage tape machine. Recorded, mixed and produced by Danny Barnes for the Humdinger Process release on Minner Bucket Records. Songwriting, performance and burritos by Matt – June 3, 2013.

Here’s a song I wrote for the Hot Club Sandwich record Green Room. Here’s the Hot Club Sandwich website.