“I Remember Your Name” w/ Britt Arnesen (guitar)

This song celebrates the dedication of frontline healthcare workers who have faced down what one friend calls ‘the grind’, meeting the pandemic every day with courage and compassion for years. “I Remember Your Name” can also be a song of mournful reflection for those of us who have felt far away from ‘the grind’. Comprised of few words, the lyrics essentially wrote themselves: a simple story of a patient who recognizes the nurse from a time before the pandemic. The lyrics came instantly and the melody stuck in my head, yet I found it emotionally difficult to speak or sing the poem at first. When Britt Arnesen visited from Montana last month to play a show at The Palindrome, she had a similar reaction to this newest song. Nonetheless, it quickly rose to the top of our list. Upon hearing our live version, Britt sent it off to mastering right away. Thanks to Britt for making it all happen. Blessings on everyone who has served on the frontline. I hope folks enjoy this song, that it may serve as a contribution to our collective memory.