Here’s a mostly instrumental video clip of ‘Broke Down Inside’ off the new record, from the opening day of Finnriver Orchard in the heart of Chimacum, WA on Sept 9, 2015. Chris Herbst played dobro and sang, Danny Barnes played bass.

Recorded a few songs at Joel Savoy’s studio in Louisiana a few months ago. Here’s one of the new songs, featuring Eric Frey on bass, and Chris Miller on saxophone, both members of the Revelers.


From ‘sircely and barnes live’, the 12th release on Danny Barnes’ Minner Bucket Records, Matt sings ‘News To Me’, with Danny on banjo. The song is written from the perspective of a remorseless Wall Street titan in the midst of the financial crisis. The recording was captured live on KPIG Radio, broadcasting to the Bay Area on March, 17th, 2013.

You can buy the cassette here.


Recorded en casa, early in the morning on a vintage tape machine. Recorded, mixed and produced by Danny Barnes for a forthcoming release on Minner Bucket Records. Songwriting, performance and burritos by Matt – June 3, 2013.


Here’s a song I wrote for the Hot Club Sandwich record Green Room. Here’s the Hot Club Sandwich website. To buy the latest Hot Club Sandwich record, visit David Grisman’s Acoustic Oasis Site (download the 24-bit master if you’d like).