Hey, folks welcome to the new site. It’s all the same stuff in a new format. Hope you enjoy the format and please do check back, as I imagine I’ll be adding content almost daily.DannyBarnes_MattSircely-1t

After all, there’s plenty of good news to report. Danny Barnes and I have a live recording out (available here), the 12th    release on Danny’s Minner Bucket Records. We’re also finishing up my first recording of solo songs, presented through the lens of Danny’s ‘Barnyard Electronics’. There are samples from both those records on the listen page.

I’m headed to Kansas City to teach mandolin for the Folk Alliance Int’l Winter Music Camp from the 19th to the 23rd of February. Spread the word that anyone attending the conference can attend the workshops for free, and I certainly look forward to seeing lots of friends. I’ll also be sitting on a panel: ‘Writing for Social Change’.

Matt-Grisman's-octaveInto the spring, lots of cool things are on the horizon. Hot Club Sandwich is getting ready to go in the studio, and I have some gigs coming up with Choroloco, including at Cornish College of the Arts in May. Danny Barnes and I will be at the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts. Everything is listed over on the shows page.

Go to the contact page to send an email, ask a question via fanbridge or even file a comment about the new website. Hope you enjoy the new site.